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Can I purchase a box if I don’t live in Berkshire?

Of course! As long as you live in England, Scotland or Wales then purchase away. 


Can I subscribe to Berkshire Beer Box?

Currently no. This is something we may bring back in the future but currently everything is a one off purchase with no rolling payment.  


When will i receive my box?

Seasonal Boxes will be shipped in the second weeks of June, September, December & March.

Orders from the shop are dispatched next working day. 


Can I buy more than one box?

Yes! As long as we have enough stock you can buy as many as you would like. 


How often will the Boxes be on sale?

The online shop is open 24/7.

There will always be a seasonal box on sale. But only shipped at the beginning of each spring, summer, autumn and winter .


What if I don’t like a beer?

The beers you will receive will be of varying styles and will all be of immense quality. However, people’s tastes of course vary. If there is something you’re not keen on please let us know. Your feedback for us and our amazing brewers is everything.

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