Can I purchase a box if I don’t live in Berkshire?

Of course! However we are only delivering to addresses that are located in Berkshire. As long as you have a connection to a Berkshire address where the box can be delivered for you to collect then purchase away.


Do I need to pay for delivery?

No. This is all taken care of in the purchase price.


Can I subscribe to Berkshire Beer Box?

This is something we are looking into for the future. If it is something you may be interested in then let us know.


What if I change my mind?

You have until the 21 days after the box went on sale to cancel your beer box order. Refunds will be subject to a £2 charge.


Can I buy more than one box?

By all means. In our test box roll out many bought for friends and family to try the beers together.


How often will the Boxes be on sale?

As we grow this will vary. Be sure to keep an eye on the How it works section of the home page for guidance on when the next box is on sale.


What if I don’t like a beer?

The beers you will receive will be of varying styles and will all be of immense quality. However, people’s tastes of course vary. If there is something you’re not keen on please let us know. Your feedback for us and our amazing brewers is everything.

Can I advertise in the box?

Yes indeed. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.